Pat Gallagher For 342nd District Judge

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Having over 30 years of experience, Pat is the most qualified candidate for the 342nd District Court.

Pat has handled over 650 cases in all 10 Tarrant County District Courts, as well as having tried cases in the 342nd District Court since 1987. 

A recent poll of the members of the Tarrant County Bar Association showed Pat to be the most "qualified" candidate in this race, with more than 95% voting in favor. 

Pat has earned the endorsement of the Honorable John Cayce, State Representative Jonathan Stickland, leading attorneys, and many Grassroots leaders across Tarrant County. 

As your next Judge for the 342nd District Court, Pat will bring his experience, conservative principles, and work ethic to serve our county, to ensure everyone receives a fair trial without delay, and to uphold our Constitution and the rule of law. 


Honorable John Cayce

"I am proud to give Pat Gallagher my highest recommendation for judge of the 342nd District Court. His integrity, conservative values, and more than three decades of courtroom experience make him the most qualified in this race."

Representative Jonathan Stickland

"Pat Gallagher has earned my endorsement and the endorsement of every leading conservative organization to be our next 342nd District Court Judge. Tarrant conservatives know he will not legislate from the bench and he will uphold the Constitution."

Dave and Anne Gebhart

"Pat Gallagher has been a faithful and active member of he Republican Party for many years and shares our conservative values. Pat is well respected in the legal community and has a great depth of experience that will enable him to serve Tarrant County with excellence. We are very proud to endorse Pat Gallagher for Judge of the 342nd District Court!"

Northeast Tarrant Tea Party

Recommended by the Board of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party 

Texas Homeschool Coalition

Endorsed by Texas Homeschool Coalition

Texas Eagle Forum

Endorsed by Texas Eagle Forum

Grapevine Republican Club

Endorsed By The Grapevine Republican Club

Tarrant Republican Assembly

Endorsed By The Tarrant Republican Assembly

Tarrant Republican Club

Tarrant Republican Club Straw-Poll Winner.

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